Friday, January 8, 2010

I Suppose an Intro is in Order

Okay, the first thing you need to know is that I love making lists(among other things), so.........

What you want/need/or otherwise to know about me:

1.I'm a Junior in high school, so I might not be able to update every day. :(
2. I love Broadway and plan on being in a production someday(even as an extra) but until then I can stay local.
3.I live in the metro area of Indianapolis,IN
4.I'm not anti-american, but this country can really piss me off sometimes.
5.My friends think I'm psychic....who knows?
6.I'm an indie girl. I love anything indie: music,movies,books,whatever.
7.I'm an aspiring writer but my grammar and spelling suck sometimes( For God so loved the writers, he gave them "spell-check").
8. I am Christian but I'm not close-minded or as strict as some of my fellow believers.
9.I love horror movies, but any genre works.
10.I'm a bit of a nerd sometimes but other times I can be really blond(no offense)

I guess that's it. If you want to know anything else( within reason) feel free to ask.

Oh! Here are some other sites I'm on:
Polyvore, a site where you can make what I call "online collages". (CoffeeCat)

Facebook: (Megan Wadkins)

Myspace: you don't know what fanfiction is ask me.